Organisations with Knowledge Workers

Organisations are increasingly recognising the role of people and place as an enabler of performance.

A growing number of work and workplace projects are bringing together traditional elements of Human Resource Management, IT and Corporate Real Estate into more strategically integrated approaches.

We provide executives and project sponsors the tools, methods and advice necessary to successfully deliver these complex projects.

Corporate Real Estate +  Property Developers + Design & Construct Sector + Facilities Mgt

Historically the real estate and property sector have sold and valued on the basis of m2 floor space.

Increasingly place and space are being recognised as being important for orchestrating connection, collaboration and serendipity – the critical ingredients of successful work and workplaces in the 21st Century.

Creating places and activating spaces for connection and collaboration increases rental return and valuations.

We work with corporate real estate, property and lease owners to create events and services that build connection, presence and activate spaces resulting in increased traffic and the demand for tenancy and other services.

We also advise design and construct, and refit firms as part of major client projects.

Local Communities and Government

Through our “edge” services and events we bring together divergent groups to explore and experience new ways of working.

For local communities and government organisations our services focus on design facilitation and pop-up co-working activities as the lens through which the future of work, learning and play can be explored and experienced. These services also offer opportunities for public sector engagement and innovation, local community and business development; and focus group outcomes for political organisations.

Event and Conference Organisers

We offer edge services in partnership with event and conference organisers to compliment traditional conference programs. This includes working with vendors, thought leaders and conference organisers to orchestrate edge programs literally on the edge of existing conferences.  This might include using pop-up co-working as a model for the future of work and learning.

Small business owners, Freelancers, Designers, Architects, Creatives and knowledge artisans/thought leaders

To see the future of work and workplaces it is best to go to the edge. Innovation always happens on the edge.

To best see the reconfiguration of work and workplaces one needs to work with and be within the world of the freelancer, the small business owner/entrepreneur and SOHO operator.

This is where one learns about the power of networks, social business, value and trust – all hallmarks of an effective 21st Century workplace.

Corporate work and workplaces are becoming consumerised experiences and this consumerisation is coming from the outside in.

[The office is becoming like the home, the home the office, the office - the coffee shop, the hospital like a shopping centre, the shopping centre the hotel lobby and so on].

We therefore actively choose to work with those who Charles Handy described as the fleas as we are committed to practicing what it takes to orchestrate networks, live on the trust of others and deliver value to individuals and communities. (These after all these are the very skills of 21st century work and living).

We do this by providing co-working services and events supporting these communities around individual skill and subject matter areas of interest. These activities also benefit local precincts and small businesses such as coffee shops.