Bespoke Edge Programs for Conferences and Events

We provide bespoke and curated edge programs to compliment traditional conference programs at major symposiums, professional industry association conferences and trade shows.  We curate custom designed co-working activities to deliver high impact collaborative working experiences adjunct to such events.

Pop up co-working events and design facilitation.

Pop up co-working events are casual events where people come together to undertake their work activities in and amongst other people and where participants benefit from the companionship, creative problem solving and new ideas of working with other like-minded people.

These events provide the opportunity to get a taste of the benefits of co-working through a facilitated process of bringing divergent /different groups together maximising those much sought after serendipity moments – It is a creative way to productively achieve work outcomes through solving issues with others, learning new things and building the business networks, connecting and make oneself visible to potential clients, new associates and business partners and opportunities.

Pop-up co-working events can occur in a shared work space, coffee shop, lane way or bar.

The venue provides wifi internet access, seating and the atmosphere. Participants bring a laptop/tablet and whatever is required to undertake work – most importantly participants bring an open mind and friendly disposition such that everyone can then benefit from the serendipity of creative problem solving and sharing new ideas with a diverse grouping of people.

These events provide opportunities for business networking and wider community development; the connecting point between the increasing numbers of Australian’s who are now working from a home or small home office , or as mobile tele-workers and those who are freelancers, small business owners or start up entrepreneurs.

Events can be short-lived over several hours or day long regular occurrences. They might be free forming, free and open to all. Or they may also be short lived, curated/facilitated and paid. Such events might also orchestrate open groups of people into emerging communities practice around a common interest, project or industry need.

For cafe owners and precinct localities pop-up co-working creates profile and activities that drive demand for their services as well as for future hub and co-working requirements. These activities actively engage those who are interested in connecting with others; doing work; developing relationships for business and professional opportunity; learning from and supporting others.

These services fill the niche between committed co-worker / or someone co-working and those that are SOHO, solo freelancers or business people seeking to connect , learn and grow beyond their immediate workspace. This might lead to becoming a co-worker or linking into other services.