A dilemma is a complex problem or tension with no easy answer or indeed no one or right answer. A dilemma covers contested ground and is best seen as a spectrum of options rather than a binary choice between two opposing either or ends.

Getting someone to describe their dilemmas is a good way into a strategic conversation about fruitful ways of resolving complex issues. Modern life and work are full of dilemmas.

Great work and fantastic workplaces are those that are designed to amplify the performance of people and the organizations they work for. This means understanding and designing for the dilemmas of today:

  • The more mobile we are the more we need places to come together to connect, share and collaborate.
  • The smaller our devices, the more we need scale to share and communicate effectively with others.
  • The more data we generate, the more we need tools to make sense of it all.
  • The more collaborative we become, the more we need time alone.
  • The more we are alone the more we need to be together.
  • The more virtual we need to be, the more physical we want to be.

This is the role that place and space as an enabler provides and it is never more important. In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent economy, the places where organizations come together matter more than ever.