From off grid to on-grid – And Welcome.

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IMG_0397aaHave been off grid. Now back on grid. (Some would know it’s been a while). I have created a Linkedin profile. Good to see familiar names and faces again.

My current profile picture is my business card stuck at the end of my hammock on my veranda. This will change shortly.  A slightly wider angle shot is included in this post.

The photo is an acknowledgement of both time out doing other things and also a tip of the hat to the issues at hand and that of this new venture – that work and life are being radically reconfigured by the changes brought about by the key technology, economic and social trends of our time.  Who, how, what and when/where and with whom we work is radically changing – and that place and people enabled by digital technologies is becoming ever critical.

The Guild of S&K stands at the intersection of previous careers including that of HR, IT and social infrastructure.  The brand is deliberately “consumer” oriented acknowledging that the outside is increasingly coming into the world of work. The name “Guild of S&K” is a play on the past and future of work. 

Look forward to creating new ventures, value and adventures with you. Philip.