The most expensive operating costs for any organisation are its people and property. But people and property can also be an organisation’s greatest assets – leading organisations are making the connection between place, space and people and are actively choosing to orchestrate these elements with digital technologies to achieve business goals and greater performance.

The Guild of S&K is a design facilitation, events and professional services firm.

We work with organisations and individuals seeking to achieve their goals through harnessing the enablers of information technology, people and place (corporate real estate).

We work with our clients at the intersections of these domains to design and deliver project outcomes that reduce infrastructure and overhead costs, whilst also enhancing employee engagement and the customer experience.

These assignments focus on the twin goals of doing more with less as well as doing things differently for better outcomes.

Leading organisations are now recognising the importance of people and place in concert with digital technologies as an enabler of performance. They are initiating strategic projects that require effective engagement and collaboration from across these corporate functions for business transformation projects – These typically involve various focuses on the social enterprise and digital business, flexible work arrangements, pro-working, co-working and activity based work.

Organisations have always been social – this is never more so.

Great work and fantastic workplaces increasingly require bringing together both the hard (seen) infrastructures as well as the soft (unseen).

Effective work and work places increasingly integrate the previously separate elements of work learning and play as one.

Work and workplaces are also increasingly becoming a “consumerised experience” – where the outside comes in. New ideas and technologies, new opportunities and innovation always come from the edges. In a rapidly changing marketplace it is becoming ever more critical for employees and employers to connect the inside with the outside.

This is the consumerisation of work and the work place – after all we are all in the experience business.