Increasingly work and workplaces are becoming more mobile – enabling people and organisations to make new choices about where, when, how and even with whom they work.

The Guild of S&K helps people and organisations to understand and realise these new opportunities.

We provide services, events and trusted advice to help leaders realise the benefits that are now available through more flexible, efficient and effective ways of working and doing business.

Our engagements typically cut across traditional organisational silos and are complex and multi-disciplinary in nature. This is because no one individual or part of an organisation has the complete picture or the answer.

Successful work and workplace initiatives involve multiple stakeholder interests and draw on many functional areas from within and outside of an organisation. These initiatives require strategic leadership as they can only succeed through co-operation and collaboration.

Every individual is unique. Every organisation is unique – good projects build on and accentuate what distinguishes a person and your organisation from your competitors.

We help to you to define and create the unique qualities that go to make great work and fantastic workplaces – and what ultimately distinguishes you from everyone else.